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Hi! I am Pranav!

I am a beginner Programmer in
in Python, HTML, CSS


I am a Programmer with 1 year of experience. I am still learning and a beginner in HTML, CSS, and Python. I can make simple web pages without much JS. If you want to have one, contact me here... Thanks for reading!!

Where I learn Coding

My inspiration is and Network Chuck. I learned many thing in computers and programming from these channels. These channels are the best resource for learning programming and computers. If you are interested in learning about computers, you should definitely check out these channels.

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Discord - Bunny Pranav#8468

Twitter - @BunnyPranav10

Github - traliotube

Stack Overflow - Bunny Pranav

LinkedIn - Bunny Pranav

Personal Email - [email protected]

Work Email - [email protected]

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